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UAP Data Rules

The terms for distribution and use of the UAP data products are specified in the Data Management approaches of Chinese polar expedition document, and are summarized here. These guidelines govern both the production and distribution of scientific data sets by the UAP observation program, and also use of the UAP data by the science community and general public, and are summarized below.

• We offer fours types of scientific data on this set by now, they are Zhongshan station SuperDARN radar backscatter power plot in each two hours; fluxgate magnetometer data; Digisonde Portable Sounder 4D data and aurora optical data. Some other types and more historical data will be uploaded later according to our plan. Users should use the ‘data’ page to check the availability status of the data and download it from same page, we also open the directories of the ‘FTP’ for browsing. All the data are not for scientific analysis or publication without express consent of the PI and relevant Lead Co-Investigators.

1. UAP data products are open to all scientists and the public (Users).

2. There are no proprietary periods associated with any of the UAP data products, but we need some time for the transmission of the data back from Antarctic and Arctic stations and the processing of the data.

3. Users should contact the UAP Principal Investigator (PI) and the relevant lead co-investigators of the instrument early in an analysis project to consult on the appropriate use of instrument data.

4. Users who wish to publish results derived from UAP data should directly involve the UAP PI and/or Instrument Leads and team members as appropriate in the analysis and are encouraged to offer co-authorship. Co-authorship may be declined.

5. Users should acknowledge the sources of data used in all publications, presentations, and reports. Appropriate acknowledgement to institutions, personnel, and funding agencies should be given.

6. Users should provide the UAP PI and/or instrument Lead Co-Investigators a copy of each manuscript that uses UAP data upon submission of that manuscript for consideration of publication. Upon publication, the citation should be transmitted to the PI and any other providers of data.

An example of the Acknowledgement is as following:

Acknowledgement for the data support from Chinese National Antarctic & Arctic Data Centre (CN-NADC), National Earth System Science Data Sharing Infrastructure, National Science & Technology Infrastructure of China ( The data provided by The Polar Atmospheric and Space Physics Research Division (PASP) at Polar Research Institute of China

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