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Unless otherwise noted, the following copyright policy applies to all images, text and data viewed or downloaded from theChinese Antarctic and Arctic Data Centre.

All images, text and downloadable data are copyright null;Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration, Polar Research Institute of China, unless otherwise stated, in which case the copyright belongs to the respective authors or data originators as indicated.

Clear acknowledgement of theChinese Arctic and Antarctic Administrationand Polar Research Institute of Chinaare to be given on any product resulting from the use ofcopyright images, text and data.

Material marked null;Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration,Polar Research Institute of China may be downloaded, displayed, printed and reproduced in an unaltered form only for your personal, non-commercial use or for use by your organization.

The Polar Research Institute of China must be cited as the source of the material as follows:

Courtesy null;Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration, Polar Research Institute of ChinaUse of any material marked null; author_name or null; photographer_name is not permitted without specific permission from that author, or photographer.

You consent to the possibility that the Chinese Antarctic and Arctic Data Centre may contact you regarding your use of downloaded data.



Under the spirit of the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) of ChinaPolar Data and Samples Policy it is an expected behavioral norm that any person intending to access and use data will, as a matter of practice, contact the data originator to discuss intended usage before applying the data.

If you are citing work relating to this metadata record, include the following in the references section of your paper. This is the bibliographic reference for the dataset and the metadata record that describes it:

Dehong Huang(2013). Digisonde Portable Sounder 4 Data at Zhongshan Station, Antarctica, Year 2010. Data-sharing platform of Polar Science,(http://www.chinare.org.cn/en/difDetailPublic/?id=6828)

Furthermore, any data sources you have used should be listed and cited in the methods section of your paper. If the publisher in question will not allow a dataset to be listed in the references section, as a last resort, include a null;casualnull; citation in the acknowledgements section. For example:

We would like to thank [person/organization] for providing [data] (doi: [doi, if available])
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