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    The Polar Atmospheric and Space Physics Research Division (PASP) at Polar Research Institute of China, as the name indicated is dedicated to solar-terrestrial interaction research such as Aurora morphology and dynamics, magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling. Several bases with well-equiped upper atmosphere physics (UAP) instruments are operated by PASP year-around in polar regions, among them the UAP observatory at Zhongshan station in Antarctic started in 1994 and has been collecting huge data around tens of Terabytes. It's deserved to be mentioned that the Zhongshan station in Antarctic and the Chinese Arctic Yellow River station is the cusp-latitudal conjugate station, the conjugate phenomena studies can be conducted by using the data from these stations.

    At Chinese Antantarctic Zhongshan station, a comprehensive UAP observation system has been running for more than a solar cycle, the system consists of multiple wavelengths aurora imagers, some with narrow field of view and the others equipped with fish-eye lens which can obtain all-sky aurora image. In addition, a superDARN radar, a new generation of DPS-4D digisonde, a fluxgate magnetometer, an induction magnetometer, an imaging riometer, and a triangle GPS scintillation network are aslo in the system. The Low Power Magnetometer (LPM) chain between Zhongshan station and Dome-A in Antarctica has 4 identical magnetometer, it has effictively extented the geomagnetism observation from Zhongshan station.

    The Yellow River station in Arctic, locates in Svarlbard archipelago, was offically opened in 2004. The three wavelengths aurora all-sky imager system was installed actually in the previous winter prior to opening and has been through 11 contious wintering. An new imaging riometer system was setup in 2008, and has been collecting data since then. We also have a multi-wavelength all-sky aurora imager at KHO station which operates by University Courses in Svalbard (UNIS). KHO is about 100 km away from Yellow River station, by combining the optical data from these two stations, the 3D aurora configuration study can be conducted.

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