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Our Mission & Goals

Chinese National Arctic & Antarctic Data Center(CN-NADC) is a national facility within the Polar research institute of China (PRIC), which is a research institute under the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) of China. CN-NADC was established in response to Chinese participation in the Article III.1.c of Antarctic Treaty System - (ATS — http://www.ats.aq) and Chinese Polar Data Policy(http://www.chinare.org.cn/standardDetail/?id=477).

CN-NADC serves as the only authorized institution in China to capture, standard manage and long-term preserve the data and samples information, and to provide sustainable polar data service. In 2003, CN-NADC became one of the nodes of ‘National Data Sharing Infrastructure of Earth Science’ (GEODATA,http://www.geodata.cn/), which’s one of the Platforms of the National Science and Technology Infrastructures (NSTI,http://www.escience.gov.cn/) supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the Ministry of Finance of People’s Republic of China.

N-NADC submits metadata directory and information to Portal of Chinese Science and Technology Resource of NSTI and Antarctic Master Directory(AMD) of Global Change Master Directory (GCMD,http://gcmd.nasa.gov/).

Since 2003, CN-NADC is a member of SC-ADM (Standing Committee on Antarctic Data Management,http://www.scar.org/data-products/scadm) and it is also a member of the SOOS-DISM (Southern Ocean Observing System, Data Management Sub-Committee) since 2013.

Chinese Polar ScientificData & Sample Resource Sharing and Services Organogram

To improve data quality control and quality assessment,sustainable archive

To develop data analysis and mining for supporting polar research community

To build data products and tools for multidisciplinary and across-regional researches

To enhance data exchange with international centers, networks