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1. Data Policy

The scientific data on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. The Chinese Antarctic and Arctic Scientific Samples and Data Policy (2010) This version of the Samples and Data Policy was published on November 2nd, 2010 by State Oceanic Administration (SOA) of China.

2. Summary

Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration (CAA)’s Responsibilities:

1. To make regulations for polar scientific samples and data;

2. To review and approve the application and use of polar scientific samples and data;

3. To manage the collection, preservation and utilization of polar scientific samples and data.

Chinese National Antarctic & Arctic Data Centre (CN-NADC)’s Responsibilities:

CN-NADC helps fulfill Chinese obligations under Article (III).(1).(c) of the Antarctic Treaty which states that "Scientific observations and results from Antarctica shall be exchanged and made freely available." Further, as a member country of the Antarctic Treaty, China agreed to establish CN-NADC and to make public the related data in a timely manner through the collaborative systems created by Antarctic Treaty members.

1. To examine and accept, back up, organize, register and preserve for long periods of time polar scientific samples and data;

2. To be responsible for the safe preservation of polar scientific samples and safe management of attribute data;

3. To be responsible for the assessment, authorization decision and security inspection of polar scientific data;

4. To be responsible for total design, building, operation and maintenance of Data-sharing Platform of Polar Data(http://www.chinare.org.cn) and Resource-sharing Platform of Polar Samples(http://birds.chinare.org.cn)

5. To organize project-led scientists catalog for samples and data, and input the polar scientific samples and data into those platforms;

6. To provide e polar scientific samples and data sharing service;

7. To develop products according to the user of polar samples and data and improve service quality;

8. To carry out, under the framework of Article (III).(1).(c) of the Antarctic Treaty and Arctic data policy, polar scientific samples and data sharing and communication through Global Climate Master Directory (GCMD)

9. To submit the work report of polar scientific samples and data to CAA annually.

3. Policy Overview

All data and samples collected under the Chinese Antarctic & Arctic Expedition (CHINARE) remain the property of the People’s Republic of China. Unless otherwise noted, the policy applies to all images, text and data viewed or downloaded from CN-NADC. The data policy is applicable to all samples and data, which are obtained from projects organized and carried out by SOA on behalf of the country or from the international polar scientific expedition cooperation plan appointed or funded by SOA, and all these samples or data should be registered and submitted completely and timely.

Polar Scientific Samples: the term refers to substantial resources such as the biology, ice and snow, rock and meteorite, sediment, etc.

Polar Scientific Data: the term refers to the original data that originated from the work of researcher, technician and administrative staff during China Polar Scientific Programs, mainly including the observation data of apparatuses, the lab analytic data and the body perception descriptively recorded on-spot.

4. Use of Polar Resources

MANAGEMENT: The collecting person and his/her work unit should control the quality of polar scientific data resources. All data should meet the requirements of data processing specification and international standard. CN-NADC is responsible for organizing experts from home and abroad, institutions and users to audit and evaluate the quality of polar scientific metadata, data entity, and will finally release them on the website to provide free and timely online sharing service. Some large-volume data will be provided by an off-line way, so the user may have to pay for the disc and post cost.

ACCESS: The polar scientific data resource is available on this website through CN-NADC within 30 days since its collection. The protection term will is for two years after the registration formalized. During the effective protection term, the polar scientific data resources should be exclusively used by collecting person and cannot be provided to any third-party or person by CN-NADC, only if there is polar scientific data resource sharing agreement between privies approved by CAA. The protection term can be prolonged, but the extended term must not be longer than original protection term. As soon as it comes due, the collecting person will no long have the exclusive right.

The Polar scientific data resources on this website are provided in four forms: metadata database, datasets, databases and data products. Datasets mainly include observation datasets of various subjects obtained by CHINARE on the spot, and it is mainly used in data archiving or professional field; databases are consist of several long time series datasets categorized into different subject fields, and it is mainly used in interdisciplinary research; data products refer to datasets developed on the basis of multi-disciplinary databases, and it is mainly used in scientific plan, decision and research. Metadata is used to describe data resources and acts as search engine of the other three kinds of data resources. Metadata of polar scientific data resources is written in accordance with Directory Interchange Format (DIF) of International Director Network (IDN), and one can submit, review, publish, query, search, or convert the format of metadata on the website. Meanwhile, it also provides query, preview and download function of corresponding datasets and DOIs register service.