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How to publish metadata and data sets?

1. Login "Data Sharing Platform Of Polar Science"

Login as shown below:

Publish metadata, we must first login "Polar scientific data sharing platform", the login screen shown below:

Select "Data Publish" module, as shown below:

2. Publish metadata

Firstly, select whether to use a public / personal template and create metadata identifiers, and then click "Next" button to enter the metadata fill page, as shown below:

The template can improve fill efficiency.

Entry ID is the unique identifier of the metadata. It is a required field and may be used only once.  ID is determined by the author of metadata. 1 to 80 alphanumeric characters are permitted, including underbar (_), hyphen (-) and period (.). For example, “1989-1990_06-06_S_OC_OC02_LO_O011301_000_R0_Y” is right one.Entry ID also can generate automatically:

"My Science Data > Metadata":

Click "Edit". As shown below:

Diffrenct colors represent required field, recommendatory field and optional field. If you accomplish a field of the metadata, click on the “Next” button and go on.

For example, that is the steps of filling in the Sensor” field of the metadata:

Click on the “Submit” button to sumbit metadata:

3. Upload the Data Set

Click on the "upload" button at Tab of "Dataset Download".